Padding injections for foot pain

Hyaluronic acid injections for foot pain? In the case of certain diagnoses, patients with painful soles can be helped by an injection of hyaluronic acid. A simple treatment with a big impact.

Everyone knows that pain in the soles of the feet is a major limitation in everyday life. If, for example, the metatarsal bone is overloaded ( metatarsalgia ), the fat pad on the ball of the foot can shrink and the corresponding bone areas often push painfully through the sole of the foot. Even if insoles no longer help, you can effectively combat foot pain in the ball area with hyaluronic acid injections. The pressure calluses on the soles of the feet also disappear in the months that follow. In the case of metatarsalgia, hyaluronic acid injections for foot pain are a good way to prevent an operation with all its risks and side effects as well as a long healing phase (up to a year).

Hyaluronic acid injections for foot pain: why does that help?

Pain occurs when the metatarsal bone presses unprotected towards the sole of the foot. A kind of cushion is created by means of a hyaluronic acid injection. The bone then lies as if on a cushion and is cushioned so that it no longer causes pressure pain in the sole of the foot. One can also speak of an “inner shoe insert”.

How does this work?

In the first week, Xyloneural is injected with Celestan in the appropriate places. In the second week, the hyaluronate is then injected at several points on the ball of the foot.
Inability to work or limitations after the treatment are not to be expected. The injection forms a cushion on the ball of the foot, which is unfamiliar in the first few days, but spreads out as a result of the load.

‘Inner shoe insert’ by hyaluronic acid – is the substance actually harmful?

No, because hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in the human body. Side effects from the hyaluronic acid are therefore not to be feared. The risks of infiltration, such as infection, nerve irritation, etc. apply.

90 per treatment

Start of therapy with Xyloneural and Celestan injection, this can charged to your insurance.

The hyaluronate is injected in the second week. The cost of padding the soles of the feet is €90 per treatment (for 1 ampoule of hyaluron).

If more hyaluron is needed, €40 will be charged for each additional ampoule.

Duration of treatment

Each treatment lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. After the injection, the patient can immediately go about his daily activities again.


Please make an appointment
by telephone or in person.

How many sessions ?

2-3 times at intervals of one week.