What to do when family planning is complete? As is well known, there are different methods of contraception – for men, apart from the condom, cutting the spermatic ducts is the simplest and most efficient method of determining family planning themselves.

The vas deferens are the junction of the epididymis with the prostate and are the ducts that sperm must travel through before being ejected during ejaculation. By means of a minor surgical intervention, the severing of the vas deferens without using a scalpel (“no scalpel” method), both vas deferens are severed under local anesthesia. This has no negative effects on the man’s sexuality, desire, erectile function or ejaculation, except that the ejaculate does not contain any sperm cells. The amount and color of the ejaculate also remains unchanged.

In Austria (Section 90, Paragraph 2 of the Penal Code), the severing of the vas deferens (vasectomy) is only permitted from the age of 25, regardless of whether you have ever fathered a child or not.

Desire to have children after vasectomy

Do you want to have children again after a vasectomy? – Take advantage of my more than 20 years of experience in surgical sperm cell extraction and microsurgical vas deferens reconstruction. Together we will find the solution that meets your requirements, taking into account scientific facts.

Circumstances can change! The desire to have children again after the spermatic ducts have been severed occurs again and again. Can “man” still do something there or are there no more chances of fathering a genetically own child? Although the severing of the vas deferens causes the absence of sperm cells in the ejaculate (ejaculate), the testicles usually produce mature sperm cells (sperm) even after the vasectomy. These can now be obtained in different ways.

First, depending on the anamnesis, the hormonal findings, the physical examination, the duration of the vasectomy, but especially the age of the current partner, a microsurgical reconstruction of the vas deferens can be performed. Here, the two ends of the vas deferens are sewn together again under the surgical microscope. Contrary to the vas deferens transection, this procedure cannot be performed under local anaesthetic, but I carry out these procedures on a day-clinic basis. This means that you will be admitted to the hospital on the day of the operation, operated on and, if you feel well, will be discharged home on the same day.

Secondly, tissue samples for artificial insemination can be obtained from both testicles via a small incision in the middle of the scrotum. This so-called TESE (testicular sperm extraction) operation is also carried out under anesthesia and is also carried out in a day clinic.

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