Menopause in men comparable to that in women does not exist in men. On the other hand, hormonal changes occur in men from the age of 25, and from the age of 45 there are additional changes in the male sex hormones with a continuous drop in total testosterone.

At the same time and in a related manner, body composition changes (more fat, less muscle mass), bone metabolism and other metabolic processes that can lead to an impairment of well-being and quality of life in the aging process.

Possible symptoms are a reduction in performance, difficulty concentrating, lack of drive, tiredness, muscle weakness, sleep disorders, bone pain, problems urinating, erectile dysfunction, reduced feelings of pleasure to the point of depression, hair loss, and dry and thin skin. Hormonal imbalances in the aging male are summarized under the term delayed onset hypogonadism (LOH). In addition to the slow decrease in male sex hormones, chronic illnesses or medication can also lead to an impairment of the hormone balance.

A special urological examination including hormone levels should therefore be carried out to assess these symptoms.


Osteoporosis (thinning of the bone substance) does not only occur in women after the change (menopause), but chronic bone pain can also be caused by osteoporosis in men.

In men under the age of 40, this disease is rare and then usually occurs as a result of chronic diseases. On the other hand, around 10-20% of men over the age of 60 are affected by osteoporosis. Changes in bone metabolism can be so stressful that they lead to severe back pain and an increased bone fracture rate (fracture rate). The causes of osteoporosis are diverse and can be caused by diet, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, cortisone therapy, lung diseases or a reduction in male sex hormones (androgens).

Bone density can be determined by means of an X-ray examination. If osteoporosis is present, medication and vitamin preparations can improve bone density. However, the best prevention of osteoporosis is regular physical activity.

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