Urological shock wave therapy

Shock wave therapy has been used to treat stone diseases since the late 1980s. Technical improvements now enable painless use in the case of erectile dysfunction, chronic pelvic pain syndrome (“chronic prostatitis”) and, in some cases, penile curvature.

Since the causes of these changes are complex, this therapy does not make sense for every man. Therefore, after a precise anamnesis and examination, an individual case-by-case decision is made as to whether shock wave therapy is promising.

Shock wave therapy causes an increase in blood circulation through mechanical stimulation with high-energy pressure waves, which leads to an improvement in the symptoms. The treatment is painless, requires no local anesthesia or accompanying medication and takes about 15 minutes.
It usually requires five individual therapy sessions at approximately one-week intervals.

First ordination: €200
Follow-up appointment:

€160 to €180,
depending on complexity


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Specialist in urology & andrology

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