Bandagist and insole supply directly in the ordination

Every Thursday between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. there is a bandagist in our surgery.

Orthopedic insoles are individually manufactured by the orthopedic shoemaker according to the appropriate medical indication by the orthopedic specialist after making an impression of the mold. Depending on the symptom, insoles are useful against fatigue and malpositions, pain and overload. Insoles must be worn in the event of malpositions with damage caused by overuse. Insoles are particularly good at correcting splayfoot and flat feet. Insoles are also used to compensate for different leg lengths. Special wedges are available for O- or X-legs.

Orthopedic insoles are used to properly support and protect the overloaded or diseased foot,
to help with running and sports.

Insoles should support the foot optimally, relieve it and, if necessary, ensure the correction of malpositions, leg length differences or diseases of the foot. They are an aid that, in combination with your suitable and suitable footwear, forms a unit and can therefore have an optimal effect. We fit your insoles into your shoes.


Orthopaedic footwear insoles fall under the term “healing aids. ” Necessary medical remedies are provided to the patient by a doctor’s prescription. Footwear insoles can be prescribed without authorization by all contract doctors.

Inlays cost €120 and  the health insurance company reimburses a part of the costs.  Unfortunately this is different from company to company. A deductible of €37.80 depending on the type of chosen inlay. This contribution does not apply to persons who have not yet reached the age of 15 or if you are exempt from prescription fees.

Duration of the adjustment

app. 15 minutes


We work together with the company Bständig. A bandagist comes to the Corpus practice community every Thursday from 4 to 6 p. m. You can come without an appointment, have your insoles adjusted, pick up the ordered insoles or, if necessary, have them changed.

Duration of production

app. 1 week

You are entitled to one pair of orthopedic shoe inserts once a year, BVA insured twice a year.