Stretching exercises back, abdomen, buttocks

Muscles that are particularly stressed tend to shorten. If these are not compensated for by regular stretching, movement restrictions and muscle weakness occur. STRETCHING increases mobility, promotes blood circulation, prevents injuries and overexertion.

Stretching exercise for buttocks and lateral thighs!

While sitting, cross your right leg over your left leg, push your knee to the left with your left elbow, twist your upper body to the opposite side and hold for 15 seconds! Then switch!

Leave both shoulders on the pad, put the right leg over the left leg and hold for 15 seconds, then switch!


For core muscles, entire back and abdomen!
Support yourself with your forearms on the floor, your legs are stretched out and your body should form a straight line!
Hold up to 1 minute!

Stretching exercises for glutes and lumbar muscles!

You can do these exercises every morning in bed!