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I have long wished for such a diagnostic possibility. The accurate early diagnosis of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis makes it possible to provide much more personalised treatment options. We are Austria’s first practice to offer the bone micro-architecture analysis. That is why I have been studying it for years and am very pleased to be able to offer you this new and modern method.


for the determination and diagnosis of osteoporosis, and early detection of osteoarthritis

CORPUS is the first Austrian orthopaedic practice to have the promising “BMA” X-ray apparatus [CB2] in order to perform measurements during non-invasive determination of bone micro-architecture.

Possible medical examinations:

Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is defined by changes in bone mass, quality and structure, resulting in a decrease bone strength. As a result of these processes, fractures occur at typical points of the spine and the limbs.

Bone tissue is subject to permanent dismantling and reassembly, but these conversion processes should be kept in balance so that old bone is broken down and replaced by new. In the presence of osteoporosis, this balance is disturbed and the loss of bone substance predominates. Bone strength decreases and, in particular, the bone trabeculae, which are important for bone stability, are increasingly thinned. Due to these changes of mass and micro-architecture, bones lose strength as the disease progresses; they become “porous” and more likely to break – even in situations harmless for healthy people, like a slight bump.
The main complication of osteoporosis involves pathological fractures, e.g. vertebral bone or femurs.
Since the bone mass begins to decrease naturally from the age of 30 to 35, osteoporosis is mostly a disease of the later stages of life. In Austria, osteoporosis is estimated to affect up to 740,000 people, of which about 617,000 are women.

OSTEOARTHROSIS: Osteoarthritis is primarily an inflammatory joint disease mainly characterised by a degradation of the articular cartilage.
Ageing, genetic requirements and increased load on X/O legs contribute to degradation, including the loss of articular cartilage.
The disease can to lead to a complete loss of the cartilage, cyst formation in the bone and to inflammation of the synovial membrane.
Risk factors for the development of osteoarthritis include obesity, poorly aligned joints, meniscus damage and ligament injuries.

WHAT THE DEVICE CAN DO: Analysis of bone structure for improved diagnosis of osteoporosis

After intensive research, the French company D3A succeeded in developing a device for bone micro-architecture analysis. The BMA system is based on direct digital radiography and offers a great new method for the holistic diagnosis of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.
The x-ray exposure is significantly lower than in conventional osteoporosis measurement and provides the highest video resolution possible, along with new information for displaying and analysing the overall bone condition.
• measurement of bone micro-architecture for osteoporosis determination
• determination of any existing microfractures
• Identification and early detection of any existing osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

TREATMENT OPTIONS: What can be treated:

For therapy of incipient or existing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, we offer the latest scientific findings and individual concepts:
Drug therapy
Hyaluron therapy, injection of hyaluronic acid
Nutritional supplements
Light therapy
Autologous conditioned plasma (ACP)
Therapeutic exercise, physiotherapy

As a last resort, an operation:
Axis correction of X or O leg
Chondrocyte transplantation
Endoprotheses, joint replacements