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Referral / Reimbursement

When approved by the senior physician, the cost breakdown for10x physiotherapy sessions will resemble the following:

50 min. physiotherapy treatment: € 90
25 min. physiotherapy treatment: € 50

Direct billing of a health insurance provider (Krankenkassa) is not possible. However, part of the costs will be reimbursed. Therapy units are billed after each treatment. The therapist shall discuss the number of required units with you on an individual basis. You will then have the option of recovering a part of the costs when you submit the invoice together with the senior physician approved referral for remedial gymnastic care to your health insurance provider.

The referral by your physician for 10 x 45 min. individual remedial gymnastics and possibly 10 x 15 min. massage must BE APPROVED PRIOR TO TERMINATION OF THE THERAPY.

If you have supplementary insurance, you may additionally claim the deductible in connection with any reimbursement. You will need copies of the referral and invoice for this purpose.

Private consultation Dr. K. Michael Riedl, Orthopaedist and Orthopaedic Surgeon
1 consultation € 175
1 short consultation (short Osteopathie for example) € 120
1 acupuncture, 30 minutes, € 45
1 child`s hip ultrasound, € 130
1 Infiltration € 50

Our associated private consultants

Dr. Eugen Plas, Urologist and Andrologist:
1 consultation € 170

Dr. Klaus Machold, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology:
First consultation (Duration 45 minutes) € 220 Subsequent consultation € 130

Dr. Sefan Nehrer, Orthopaedist and Orthopaedic Surgeon, € 150

Dr. Gedeon Perneczky, Neurosurgeon, € 150

The private consultant is an independent physician without health insurance accreditation. This means that every patient is a private patient and must pay the issued invoice him- or herself.
The invoice can be submitted by you the patient to your health insurance provider within 42 months following treatment. For this purpose, you can print the Reimbursement form available on our website under the menu item Information – Private Insurance Reimbursement. A health insurance provider will then reimburse 80% of the amount that a health insurance accredited physician would receive for the same treatment.