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D3A: Analysis of bone structure for improved diagnosis of osteoporosis

Digitales xray

Ultrasound: for example, the child’s hip during the Mutter-Kind-Pass examination; Shoulder; another application is ultrasound-guided injection.

Chirodiagnostics (manual examination): This enables diagnoses of movement disorders of the joints in the spine and extremities, as well as tension of muscles and connective tissue.

Orthopaedic diagnostics

  • Initial physical examination
  • Detailed patient interviews
  • Joint and spine function test
  • Sports medical examinations
  • Pre-operative evaluation, registration for surgery, operations, post-operative care

Infant and young child orthopaedics

  • Monitoring spinal development
  • Infant screening
  • Examination and conservative treatment of leg and foot deformity
  • Control and correction of gait

Ultrasound examinations of the hip joints of infants

  • The ultrasound examination of infant hips during the 1st year and from ages 3 to 6. week of life has been able to almost eliminate completely the dreaded hip dysplasia (a malformation of the hip socket and head) as a disease. This examination is now part of the preventive program

Rheumatologic diagnostics (Dr. Klaus Machold)

  • Comprehensive neuro-musculoskeletal examination
  • Internal medicine diagnosis and therapy planning
  • Interpretation of laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging, especially for complex internal medicine/rheumatology issues