COVID-19 patient information

1. Wear FFP 2 mask

Since July 1, 2021, patients and accompanying persons have had to
Wear a close-fitting mechanical protective device (mouth and nose protection) that covers the mouth and nose area in surgeries.

2. Keep your distance

We ask you to keep a distance of at least one meter between our employees and other people present.

3. Waiting Times

Please come to your appointments on time. Please do not come too early to avoid contact times in the surgery. If possible, spend the waiting time outside the surgery.

4. Recipes

You can also get prescriptions and answers to medical questions by telephone during the opening hours of your doctor’s surgery.

Ministry of Health

Visits to the doctor are permitted – even during any exit restrictions – as they serve to cover the necessary basic needs. This also includes routine and preventive medical check-ups (e.g. health check-ups, mammograms, etc.). Appointments are recommended.